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Dramatic Fanatics Week 2!

This week we worked on listening to our scene partners and practicing "yes, and..." When we say "Yes, and" in improv, it can literally mean agreeing with your scene partner but ultimately it means listening to your scene partner so that you can both collaborate and build a story together. Sometimes we can get caught up in thinking what we want to say next, but if we listen to each other, we hardly have to think about it at all! We simply react to what our partner gives us, and they react to what we give them. That is the essence of "Yes, and..."

We also began working on our sketch comedy! We discussed what makes a good sketch: a surprise for the audience or something unexpected, characters that make bold choices, problems or obstacles that must be resolved, and using physicality (body language) to add to the comedy of our sketch.

Students had great ideas for their sketches and took notes from Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Janet well!


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