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Dramatic Fanatics Improv Week 3

This week we practiced working together to create a beginning, middle, and end to a story through games and exercises. Playing in groups, we made our way down a story "race track" by quickly brainstorming and deciding each plot point as a group.

Another fun group game we played is called "Mind Meld," Students attempted to sync their thoughts as an ensemble and eventually arrive at the same word based on two provided words. A tough but fun game to build collaborative skills!

We also practiced our characterizations with the game Taxi Driver in which a driver character picks up new passengers with quirky personalities. Students really loved embodying silly personas!

We covered stage movement, gesturing, stage etiquette, turns, and levels to ensure a great stage picture in every scene.

Rehearsing the students' original sketch comedies is coming along nicely with each group working well together to bring their story to life!


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