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Yes And! Jan 31 & Feb 7

We've had great sessions these two last Fridays! We worked on large group activities like "Heroes" in which students choose a type of character to assume and must save the world from an unusual catastrophic event (e. g. Lobsters are taking over the world!) We also played Clap, Snap, and Stomp where players must follow a sequence of dance moves by the previous players.

Puppetry has been a favorite among students. We played "Party Quirks" with puppets and each student endowed their puppet with a peculiar characteristic that the Host of the party had to guess.

During our sketch comedy portion of class, students improvised the beginning of a story and then outlined an entire plot based on the improv exercise!

The take-away from these classes was largely about endowments. An endowment is what a player gives to another player in a scene, so if I told my fellow player, "Gee, farmer Bob! Looks like the crops aren't growing the way they used to!" I have now endowed that player with the character of Farmer Bob. They would then practice our rule of "Yes and" and progress the story forward by embodying the Farmer Bob character and his problem (the crops not growing.)

These are very advanced exercises and we are thrilled with our eager the students are to learn and play!

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