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Where every star can shine.

Whether they've just been bitten by the "theatre bug" or they've been a diva since diapers, certified drama instructor Amy Beaucham will give your child the star treatment! Dramatic Fanatics courses and camps ensure each actor an equal time in the spotlight and the skills to develop character in both themselves and their art.

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"We are thrilled about this extra curricular activity, Dramatic Fanatics. It is a great addition to the required academic program and is extremely convenient as it is conducted on the premises. More importantly, we can see the results in practice. My daughter applies skills learned at drama while doing presentations in her class: projecting her voice and keeping contact with the audience. She plays games learned in drama with her friends in her leisure time and it opens up another venue for her interests to develop imagination. It is a lot of fun with a personal benefit! We try to enroll in drama at every chance we get."

-Svetlana Soroka (Parent)

"My mom, Mrs. Beaucham, is practically super human. She's made shy children belt, turned class clowns into tragedians, and even taught prima donnas to share the stage. But most of all, she gives kids a chance to be anyone and anything they want to be. Even dragons."

-Libba Beaucham (Daughter)

"Mrs Beaucham is encouraging and supportive.  She tries to match each student with a character that showcases their talent."
-Andee Nix (Student)

"My two daughters took one of Ms. Beaucham's Dramatic Fanatics courses and it was a great experience for them. I could tell from the classes I sit in Ms. Beaucham was very passionate about drama and teaching children about drama. She teaches the proper way to conduct on stage and as well as the proper conducts during class. I wish all the teachers were as dedicated as Ms. Beaucham, spending lots of time to help kids to rehearse and familiarize with the play. Both my girls weren't keen on performing in front of people but they did well at the-end-of-class performance. They really enjoyed the class."

-Angela Rovang (Parent)

"Dramatic Fanatics s a wonderful class! It helps children use their imagination, find their voice and gain confidence. It’s a fun class and creates the opportunity to make new friends. Amy and Janet are so kind and warm. One of the best things they do is let each child know how unique and special they are as an individual."
- Gwen Byers (Parent)
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   Amy Beaucham   

Founder & Director Amy Beaucham

Amy Beaucham is the founder/ director of “Dramatic Fanatics'' and passionately enjoys using her knowledge of theatrical performance to empower children through her multifaceted

program. During her 35 years as a public school educator, she utilized drama extensively in the classroom and was honored as Teacher of the Year by Treutlen County. Following her public school career, Mrs. Beaucham was employed as counselor and drama teacher at ClearWater Academy. She currently volunteers at ClearWater teaching improv to the upper school students.

Her husband, Ron Beaucham, is a retired coach and athletic director who started the Northgate Vikings football program as well as the Heritage School program. Amy and Ron have two children and two grandchildren. Their son Charlie and wife Sarah teach in South Korea, and Mrs. Beaucham’s daughter, Libba, is the Director of Operations at The Northeast Georgia History Center in Gainesville, Georgia. Mrs. Beaucham has spent many summers performing as Amelia Bedelia for library audiences throughout Georgia. She is also an historical character interpreter for The Northeast Georgia History Center.


Mrs. Beaucham treasures the opportunities she has had to share the stage with fellow actors in both community theatre and professional productions of plays and musicals. Favorite lead roles include Nancy in “Oliver”, The Witch in “Into the Woods”, The Fairy Godmother in “Cinderella” and Reno Sweeney in “Anything Goes”. In fulfilling her love of impro, she founded “The Southside Sidekicks” improv troupe at Southside Theatre Guild, and she can currently be seen on stage with the Newnan Theatre Company’s NITWITS troupe as part of the LUNATICS cast. She is the lead teacher for the ongoing Southside Theatre Guild adult improv workshops and is founder and leader of the STG’s youth improv troupe known as The Southside Rascals.


Mrs. Beaucham’s strong belief in the value of theatre for youth has also inspired her to be a leader in initiating a youth drama program at STG called “The Associates'' which offers an encompassing curriculum of all aspects of theatre. She was recently honored with receiving The STG President's Award. Mrs. Beaucham is a member of an Atlanta improv company called “The Groovecats” and was also recently cast in a professional Atlanta movie film project. Mrs. Beaucham is actively involved as a student herself in improv, sketch comedy, acting, voice and dance classes in order to be the best performer and instructor she can be.

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Dramatic Fanatics Summer Camp
June 24-28th 
10 AM - 3 PM

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